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"Your session was among the most highly rated by attendees! In fact, we heard considerable very positive buzz about the session. Enclosed are the official summaries of attendee feedback from your session, which confirm that it was among the best programs offered this year."
Dr. Lorie Damon, BOMA International, Washington, D.C.

"I want to thank you for the time and expertise that you generously shared with us – your candor and insight were exactly what we needed. We have all been so close to this process and it was refreshing to have an objective look and fresh thoughts and words. You also helped us understand our competitors and gave us confidence in the pricing model and our sustainability in service levels for the future."
Beth Bormann, Assistant City Manager, Carrollton, Texas

"You possess a natural ability to relate well with an audience, and your real-life experiences certainly add an extra element of credibility. I heard only good comments from the attendees, who especially appreciated your enthusiastic presentation of the subject matter. They loved the fact that they actually enjoyed themselves while reviewing such an important topic. We look forward to using your services again."
Jerry Forester, San Antonio, Texas

"Your knowledge and real-life experiences add zest...The hand-out material will be considered 'gold."
Tanda McMahon, Tulsa, Oklahoma

"We look forward to hearing you again in the future and would highly recommend your program."
Valerie DeLaCruz, Albany, New York

"With your use of visual aids, the presentation remained lively and energetic. As I looked around the room, I noted that all of the other attendees shared my perceptions."
Mitchell Peairson, Houston, Texas

"I am pleased to say that, judging from the comments we received from the participants, as well as my first-hand observation of your entire presentation, our seminar was very well received. The content was comprehensive, yet your style allowed you to present it in a way that held the attention of the wide mix of managers, engineers, architects and others that were present."
James L. Fries, Kansas City, Missouri

"Thank you for a great seminar and luncheon presentation. Everyone who attended was overwhelmed with the quality and professionalism. It is always a pleasure to have you in the Bay Area and we are just delighted that you will be with us in October."
Nena Gang, Tampa Bay, Florida

"What a pleasure sharing the day with you Thursday. I thank you for your enthusiasm, interest and contributions. I shall seek your name when registering for future educational opportunities."
Donana Morris, Dallas, Texas

"You conducted an impressive learning forum on individual power bases at the recent IDRC World Congress. Evaluation comments indicate that your excellent presentation skills, sense of humor and ability to engage the audience helped them to 'relax and learn."
Bruce Margine/HazelPankey, Atlanta, Georgia

"Several conference attendees approached me after your presentation and commented on how much they enjoyed your professional delivery and sincerity. Thank you for making the Southern Conference very enjoyable for the members."
Vicky Irby, Atlanta, Georgia

"Charlie, you are a Class Act and we are proud to say we brought you to Little Rock. Thank you for being instrumental in enabling our organization to build a program that managers will look forward to each year as one they can enjoy attending and count on learning something new and worthwhile."
Anne Laidlaw, Little Rock, Arkansas

"Your seminar at the BOMA International Convention was outstanding. I realize you had to condense a four-hour program into 75 minutes, but your presentation, facts and how to head off major problems was great."
Charles W. Brown, Charlotte, North Carolina

"Just wanted to let you know that your seminar was an outstanding success for us. The evaluations were universally excellent and the attendees felt that your presentation would be most beneficial to them in their work. We look forward to scheduling you again soon."
Jack Drummond, Austin, Texas

"Everyone had positive reactions to share – about the materials, about the information and about you as a presenter. We could not have asked for more in your presentation."
Richard Kopke, Albany, New York

"Charlie speaks with authority as a professional manager and planner. He is well-known for his teaching abilities and his impeccable credentials, and has twice presented to sell-out Dallas audiences."
Joe Marchant, Dallas, Texas


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